Act Now Network

 Accelerating Critical Treatments - Now!

Unless we ACT NOW, promising science is not going to benefit patients.

Today’s harsh, commercial reality is that pharmaceutical companies cannot fund every piece of promising research - or even new indications from existing drugs. As a result we don’t have enough new medicines to treat key diseases and medical conditions.

This problem is very acute in areas such as:

  • childhood cancers

  • rare diseases

  • antibiotic resistance

We believe that charities, social funders, philanthropists and research organisations have a key role to play.

If we join forces we could share the workload, change the way that promising research is developed and ensure that more new medicines and treatments get developed.

Our mission is to:

  • identify research that has real potential - this can be new academic research or existing pharmaceutical research

  • find new ways to fund and resource research and development

  • find ways to accelerate proven research to clinical trial

Today there are diseases and critical conditions that cannot be treated effectively with current medicines.

We have to change this.

We have to ACT NOW.

The Antimicrobial Resistance Campaign


Without fresh innovation, we run the risk of returning to an era where common infections and minor injuries have the potential to become killers and regular medical practices, such as hip replacements, chemotherapy and even caesarean sections, become too dangerous to carry out.

It is clear that pharmaceutical companies cannot be expected to solve the AMR crisis alone. Industry does not have all the resources needed to tackle the issue, but we can help.

Individually, charities and research bodies are working on AMR, but we could do so much more if we joined forces. By working together we could share the workload and accelerate the development of this vital research.









Leaflet explaining the Antimicrobial Resistance Campaign


The Kids Cancer Campaign


Having talked to pharmaceutical companies we know they have existing research and even approved adult cancer drugs that have shown real potential to treat childhood cancers.

We believe that industry and their shareholders can be persuaded to look at charitable and social funding as a new model for advancing medical science.

Individually we can achieve good things. Together we can achieve great things.










Leaflet explaining our Kids Cancer Campaign to charities


An MRC Technology Partnership initiative

MRC Technology is an independent life science medical research charity committed to improving positive patient outcomes everywhere. We have set up the ACT NOW network initiative to bring together funders and supporters around specific disease areas to help accelerate promising medical research forward into viable and accessible patient treatments. MRC Technology projects have led to several approved drugs, changing the lives of countless patients by harnessing the potential of science.